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Dual xdvd276bt wont turn off

Dual XDVD276BT Bluetooth Issue

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dual xdvd276bt wont turn off

Crystal Pastorius. Jorge Acuna. Peter Bober. For the ease of all new users, I decided to compile this list of the three easiest and most effective methods.It's a really good deal, and It looks really good for hoe reasonably priced it is.

It was easy to wire up. You will need to get a wiring kit, but each wire is clearly labeled. I got a wiring kit at Walmart as well, they are right next to the car stereos they are at my Walmart anyway, lol. What was really nice is that is the wires were color coded as well.

They made it really easy. It took me about 20 mines to wire it up, as soon as I got done with the harness, I had to put it into my car to check it out. Don't mind the picture. I'll need to buy some brackets to finish it up. I don't have a sub or amp or anything like that, but I turned it up, and it sounds good at any volume. I was amazed at all the features this radio has for the very reasonable price.

dual xdvd276bt wont turn off

If you plan to install the radio yourself, depending on your vehicle, it could be extremely easy, a total pain, or likely somewhere in between. You will most likely need an install kit of some kind because it's not likely your car's existing wiring connector will be compatible with this radio.

That's true of all radios I've ever installed, not just this one. The install in my Honda CRV was pretty simple. It only took about 2 hours. Not counting the time to connect the radio wiring harness to the aftermarket wiring harness in the install kit I bought. These are twist connectors that are super easy to use and fool proof. No soldering and no crimping needed. I had to modify the existing radio mounting brackets that are used to attach the radio to the dash.

My brackets had 2 dimples that had no place to go on the new radio. I also could not use the existing bracket screws to attach to the new radio, but a couple of small wood screws worked perfectly.

Once installed, the radio came right on and was really straight forward to start listening to the radio.

Hooking to my phone via blue tooth was a breeze also. This was the main reason I got this radio.

Dual XDVD236BT Installation & Owner's Manual

The factory radio had no way to connect to my phone wirelessly.Trace the radio wires, or better yet, save yourself the heartache and go to someplace like Best Buy, or alarm and tint places, where they install radios professionally. That's the only sure way to have that puppy installed correctly. Every Jake-legged Yahoo in the world thinks that you just plug red "wahr" into the other red "wahr" and that's all you need to "make 'er work".

It shouldn't cost too much, and wil give you piece of mind. It will not be a power problem because there is no power to the headlamps when they are turned off. So it must be an earth problem. Probably someone has wired the radio earth wire to the headlamps wire. This would make the radio work ok when the lights are off because it can earth through the lamps, however when the lights are turned on the earth through the lights becomes a posative feed thus stopping the radio from working.

Do not just earth the radio as this could cause a short circuit. Identify the incorrect wire are re-position it to earth. Answer Save. I cannot guarantee this is the problem but it certainly sounds like.

Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.These firmware updates are intended specifically for the below multimedia receivers models only. If you are not sure if you need an update or cannot locate your serial number, please contact customer service at for assistance.

dual xdvd276bt wont turn off

You must agree to the following conditions before downloading the upgrade software. This software is not sold but licensed to the user by Axxera Audio. The customer has ownership only of the media containing this software and the ownership of the software itself is reserved by Axxera Audio.

The customer is responsible for the selection and installation of this software as well as the result of using this software. Before downloading any Firmware for any of the below listed below please read the Update Instructions for your model. It is important that this procedure is done in the order described as failure to do so may result in the stereo becoming inoperable.

Home Firmware Firmware Updates. Receivers Amplifiers Speakers Subwoofers Accessories. Press Room.

dual xdvd276bt wont turn off

Product Firmware Updates. Default is set OFF. While on a call via Bluetooth, you can now accept another phone call without the radio going into MUTE mode. Updates audio to not mute while displaying camera video. Update will add the rear camera always on feature in Settings menu. Keep In Touch. Members Of. Updates and Improvements No Sound in iPod mode from the following sequences. Updates and Improvements Update will add the rear camera always on feature in Settings menu.

Updates and Improvements Updates radio to return to rear camera display after using vehicle turn signals.Obviously, a screen playing a dvd within view of the driver poses a real safety risk, so the manufacturers apply certain safeguards, in this case forcing you to wire your TV to the parking break in order to view the screen. When wired to the parking break, this requires you to be stationary and have the parking brake engaged in order to view the television.

When wiring the dvd unit, you can bypass this safety feature on some models, while others require you to buy additional parts to accomplish this. Most newer models have switched to a system that senses motion and won't turn on regardless of how you wire it. However, some are still possible to bypass the old-fashioned way. Find the ground wire volt.

why does my radio shut off when i turn my headlights on?

In most cars, it is black. For your specific car, you can consult a reference chart see Resources. Strip the ends off of the wire that is supposed to be connected to the parking brake, the ground for the dvd player and the ground wire from the car.

Connect the three wires by twisting them together and covering them with an end cap if you have one, or electrical tape if you don't. Turn the unit on to ensure that the wires didn't come loose as you were placing it back into the dash.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Pull the unit from your dash assuming it is installed already. Step 2 Find the ground wire volt. Step 3 Strip the ends off of the wire that is supposed to be connected to the parking brake, the ground for the dvd player and the ground wire from the car. Step 4 Connect the three wires by twisting them together and covering them with an end cap if you have one, or electrical tape if you don't.

Step 5 Place the unit back inside the dash. Tip Most newer units need car-specific parts in order to allow you to watch the screen while driving.

These boxes relay a chain of events to the screen or DVD player, and tell the brain of your video system that it is stopped and that it is fine to play video. If you do have a newer unit, you'll have to purchase one of these units. Installation varies based on the car, but most are plug-and-play.

Items you will need Wire strippers End cap or electrical tape. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Page of 28 Go. Quick Links. The DVD video display of the in-dash unit will not operate while the vehicle is moving.

This is a safety feature. In-dash DVD video functions will only operate when vehicle is in Park and the. It is illegal in most states for the driver to view video while the vehicle is in motion. Table of Contents. Dvd multimedia receiver with 6. Dvd multimedia receiver wih 7" touch screen display 78 pages. Dvd multimedia receiver with internal gps navigation and 6. Dvd multimedia receiver with 7" touch screen display 72 pages. Dvd multimedia receiver with 7" touch screen display 40 pages.

Dvd multimedia receiver with 7" touch screen display 42 pages. This is a safety feature to prevent driver distraction. In-dash DVD video functions will only operate when vehicle is in Park and the Page 2 Copyright Notes This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.

Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation. This product is only for use in vehicles with 12VDC negative ground only. Consult a qualified technician for instructions.

Using an incorrect fuse could cause damage. The unit uses 1 15 amp ATM mini style fuse located inside the in-line filter box. Remove the battery if the remote will not be used for a month or longer. Rotate the volume knob to increase or decrease the volume level. Volume Momentarily press the volume knob to silence the audio.Heard something about swapping wires around, but how do i do this? Most car stereos have two power wires. One is controlled by the ignition switch so that it turns the stereo off when you turn off the key so it wont run the battery down.

The other wire is used to power the clock and keep the memory, this wire must be connected to power all the time. The colors of the wires will vary depending on the brand of stereo, it would be best if you could get a copy of the owners manual for the stereo, it would show the wiring you might be able to get one from the web-site for the brand of stereo you have.

Assuming you have the original wiring harness coming from the stereo, you will probably find that two of the wires have fuse holders, these will be the two hot wires. One connects to power controlled by the key, the other connects to continuous power.

Both of these connections can be found at the fuse panel but are also likely to appear in the vehicle wiring harness for the original radio that came with the vehicle. A voltmeter or test light can be used to determine which wire has continuous power and which one is switched by the key. If you have them reversed, the radio may continue to work even though the key is off or the memory will still be lost when the key is turned off, in this case, try swapping them.

It is possible that the memory power wire is not even connected right now, this would mean that you have a spare wire that is not connected, perhaps connecting it to power would resolve the problem. There is likely a spare wire often blue but could be any color which is intended to control a power antenna or amplifier, dont feed power into this wire as it might damage something. Again, get an owners manual if possible.

What it does is grant modern-day to stereo at the same time as vehicle isn't operating. Your situation will be fastened speedy by technique of you, or in case you would truly no longer contact the wires, by technique of community vehicle electrician.

Car Stereo will NOT save/remember settings!?!?

The memory will only hold if continious 12 volts is supply from a battery source. If it memory wire from your radio looses 12 volts at anytime it will not hold your programmed channel selections or clock settings. Just like when the power goes out in your home and you have to reset all the electric clocks in the house. You have to have another power source. Car stereo will not save settings, everytime i switch off the ignition, it loses its settings. Answer Save.

TechnoStuff Lv 4. Vy Commodore Stereo Wiring Diagram. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. J frum NH Lv 4.

Jereomy Alexander 4 years ago Report. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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